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The Contemporary Art masterpieces of the Art Hotel

A private and permanent collection of works of contemporary art characterizes the museum nature of the Arte Hotel in Perugia. An art gallery to give a 4 star hotel a particularity that can not be found elsewhere. Many famous Italian and international artworks created especially for the Art Hotel spaces by the greatest contemporary artists

The journey into contemporary art collecting begins with the grandiose work of Franco Troiani. An artist, who with his wealth of bright pastel colors and at the same time relaxing, offers among the most fascinating painting of modern art.

This first experience pushed us to follow the same path with other artists of different formation and expression. Artists who have become available to measure themselves with the project of the Art Hotel. All of them was animated by the conviction of being able to contribute to writing pieces of contemporary art history. In this way they have made the structure a point of reference for those who appreciate contemporary artistic language.

This philosophy is based on melting different artstyles and aims to open “Communal Areas” in the hotel for contemporary artists of disparate provenience. Today the Arte Hotel is a laboratory for ideas and a cultural promoter of painting sculpture, dance, theater, music and poetry.

Below you can see a brief introduction to the contemporary art works of the Arte Hotel